Monday, 17 July 2017

Out of Pain.. Beauty

Out of Pain.. Beauty
75 x 75 x 4 cm (29.5 x 29.5 x 1.5")

Closeup of pearl and words

This painting is inspired by nature and expresses the notion of taking emotional pain and turning it into something beautiful just as an oyster deals with an irritant. The oyster coats the disturbance in layer after layer of nacre (aka mother of pearl) which in the end gives rise to a beautiful iridescent pearl, a rare and treasured gem. "Out of pain.. beauty". This quote comes from Irving Stone's book "Lust for Life" about the life of Vincent van Gogh, a book that deeply impacted me. Vincent created almost a thousand beautiful paintings, the act of creating in itself a way of finding calm and peace in a world that didn't understand him and after he was gone we were left with these rare and increasingly valuable creations. Being human is wonderful because we get to choose for ourselves if and how we process our pain. Transform the raw ugliness into beauty, wisdom, positivity or let it sit and fester into rigid hard bitterness. What an interesting experiment to see where the different choices lead. 
Acrylic on canvas: $400 NZD - sold

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