Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Colour Scheme Ideas for the House Exterior

So I've had a play in "Paint" (the basic image creation software that comes with Microsoft Windows). It's allowing me to visualise different colour scheme ideas for our wee 1970s townhouse. My inspiration point is the original amber window panes! Classic 1970s. Rather than radically transforming the entire appearance of this home I am endeavouring to preserve/honour the original architecture while bringing it into this century.

The amber window panes are present in the front door (below pic: 4 panes in a vertical row):

and the back porch (below pic: 3 large rectangular panes, 2 facing the street and 1 around the side which faces the driveway (not seen in pic)):

 Straight off the batt I was thinking blues and blue/grays would compliment the amber beautifully, then maybe a soft subtle caramel colour for the brick... something like this or this or a blue like this or maybe even more of a purple-y blue would look pretty stunning like this. And THEN these gorgeous pastel blue doors caught my attention - could this possibly work? I'm imagining something like this or I noticed a lot of people are teaming their pastel blue doors with soft grays such as this... Or we could go with a simple gray palette, light gray for the brick, a deeper gray to compliment the amber window panes and a very light grey or white for trims.

Here we have six colour scheme ideas featured on our house courtesy of Windows Paint :D.

UPDATE: I've added in a new option inspired by this image on pinterest:

Hmmm... not a fan of this after all. Although it looks fabulous on the house in my inspiration pic (see link above) it really does not work with our amber window panes. It's fun visualising different options though.

The colour on the bricks is great however the blue is perhaps a bit intense despite being a definite complementary colour to the amber glass.

UPDATE: another new colour scheme option to ponder

I LOVE this!!! So modern and daring. I've worked the beautiful minty pastel blue into the scheme on the gables and fascias. Darkening and graying up the blue on the amber window wall works much better than the above brighter blue. I really like the very light gray on the window trims as opposed to the whitish colour. This could be our scheme! UPDATE: I feel like this scheme might be a little too dark, so I'd like to compare a lightened up version... which would essentially bring me to the following two options pictured below.

This is nice too. Perhaps there is too much contrast between the dark blue and the gray brick

This is OK.. I love the gray brick with the pastel minty blue gables/fascias but am not so enamoured with the blue feature wall.. it may not translate well to our house exterior... not written off yet though. UPDATE: the more I look at this option the more I like it.

After seeing other options this seems a little safe and boring... although I suspect it will translate very well to the house exterior in real life :D. Decisions, decisions.

Nup. A bit much like what grandma would pick (no offense all the grandmas out there!). Although this gives me an idea to try the lighter mint on the feature wall and a very light or whitish colour for the gables... that could work...


Before deciding I'll try the schemes on a more zoomed out photo so we can get a better idea of how the whole house might look overall.

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