Friday, 23 June 2017

A 1970s Townhouse Is But One Blank Canvas

Who can resist great before and after pics?! I have been living in this little abode for the last three years.

Recently we had some maintenance done on a few of the fascia boards. There was some rotting wood and flaking paint so we got 3 different quotes from reputable tradies in our area and went with the cheapest. 

What a face-lift this small improvement gave our little townhouse! As you can see there are plenty more things that require attention such as the garden shed, the fence and the carport (you can only see part of it in the above pic).

On the south side of the house (shady in winter in the southern hemisphere) the guttering was growing green algae and was looking pretty dirty and yuck:

So I got the hose onto it although most of the grime didn't budge so I tried out a telescopic handled window brush we already had at home and with a bit of elbow grease (no cleaner required) the algae and dirt came right off. Again what an impressive transformation. The house was not as run down as it had looked previous to this simple cleanup. It was looking decidedly fresher!

In the above pic although the guttering came up sparkling and clean unfortunately some of the paint on the fascia board beneath flaked away under the normal water pressure of the garden hose. Add that to the to do list.

Aaaand the gardens were pretty weedy although it kinda gave them a cottage feel which I love. However I decided to do some art on them lol! Here's an example of some unruliness on the south side of the house which faces the street. 

On this expanse of brick wall above there was also a large area of algae growth and grime buildup which was giving the house quite a shabby, unkempt appearance. Using the same technique I'd used to clean the gutters* I was able to clean this wall right up so it almost looked as good as if it had been freshly painted! *hose and long handled window brush

In the below pic you can see a small example of the algae and grime that had appeared on about half of the south wall as this wee spot didn't get cleaned - oops.

So it's amazing what even the smallest repairs and cleans can do to improve the look of your home. I'm hooked! Plenty more to come :).

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